Steven Schultz

Teacher - Science, Chemistry, Agriculture

403-782-8726 x 5205
About Me

I am passionate about my family, teaching, leadership development, the environment, robotics, traveling and coaching.

I am married with three children.

Currently I am teaching Chemistry 20, Science 30, Electro-Tech 10/20/30 and agricultural studies.

I am the teacher advisor for EcoVision, a student directed envrionmental club and the teacher advisor for Robotics, a club that offers students an opportunity to build a robot and compete in a variety of competitions.  I focus on leadership development in these clubs.

Traveling is  a passion of mine.  I have traveled to every continent but have a special love for Africa, because that is where I grew up.  Currently, we sponsor two children in Africa and are partners with an orphanage in Kenya.  This summer I am taking a team to Malawi to help with Hands at work.

Mr. Schultz's websites:

Chemistry 20

Science 20




Electro Tech

Science 30