Derek Durocher

Teacher - Fabrication

About Me


My name is Mr. Derek Durocher and I am happy to be teaching Fabrication 10-20-30 at Lacombe Composite for the 2016-17 year. This is my first year teaching a full course load of only Fabrication, and I am enjoying the challenge. My courses are designed with direct links to the first year welding apprenticeship. I feel this will prepare students for entrance into welding as a trade, as well as those students who are taking welding for personal interest or to build "cool" projects.

I have previously taught Fabrication, Construction, Physical Education, Outdoor education, and CALM at the high school level. I spent the two previous years as a Vice-Principal and Academic Counselor which gave me tremendous insights into how I feel courses at the high school level can be run effectively. I am passionate about furniture and project design and would like to look towards weaving Fabrication projects with my woodworking background. I have coached Basketball and Volleyball at the high school level with an emphasis on character development and hard work. I am an avid outdoor person and have spend most of the last two decades wandering around the mountains west of Rocky Mountain House on foot or by bike.

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Mr. Durocher