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Next Year Grade 11 Course Requests

2020 - 2021 Student Program and Course Handbook: [Handbook Link]

  • outlines the Learning Programs available at LCHS
  • summarizes Core Courses, their prerequisites and course pathways for graduation
  • summarizes Option Courses and their prerequisites 

Grade 11 Course Request Videos

  • Course Planning and Student Handbook. 
    • The first section (0:00 to 3:20) of the video reviews requirements for High School Graduation requirements.
    • The last section of the video reviews the process for planning your courses for next year and references the Course Planning Page, Course Recommendations, Blocks of Time for core courses.
  • Selecting Core Courses.
    • This video reviews the differences between the different levels in Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics and Sciences. The video references teacher recommendations, which can be found as a comment in the student's gradebook. 
  • Completing the Course Request Form.
    • There are two videos to assist you with the course request form that will be emailed directly to students. 
      • Students who passed all their courses: Video One
      • Students who failed at least one grade 10 core course: Video Two


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