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Next Year Grade 12 Course Requests

2020 - 2021 Student Program and Course Handbook: [Handbook Link]

  • outlines the Learning Programs available at LCHS
  • summarizes Core Courses, their prerequisites and course pathways for graduation
  • summarizes Option Courses and their prerequisites 

Grade 12 Course Request Videos

  • Course Planning and Student Handbook. 
    • The first section of the video reviews requirements for High School Graduation requirements. Your current credit count can be found in your MyPass Account. For most students your access to MyPass is via your school google drive.  Open the Detailed Academic Report to view your credit total, to see your completed courses and your final mark and you will see your currently enrolled courses.
    • The last section of the video reviews the process for planning your courses for next year and references the Course Planning Page, Course Recommendations, Blocks of Time for core courses.
  • Selecting Core Courses.
    • This video reviews the differences between the different levels in Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics & Sciences and describes typical post secondary programs that accept each level.  references teacher recommendations, which can be found as a comment in the student's gradebook. 


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