Learning Commons

The primary goal of the Learning Commons  is to provide an environment that promotes learning, supports teaching, encourages reading and enhances research and creative activities.
Your Librarians are Mrs Anderson and Mrs Foster, feel free to ask them for assistance at any time.

The Learning Commons is open for students from 8:30a.m. to 4:30 p.m.daily.

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Learning Commons Resources available to Students: ipad, green screen, art supplies, camera, laptops, computers, ereaders, books & online resources.

Books & Bagels

We started the year reading “”Shadow & Bone” by Lucy Bardugo, the first book in the Grisha trilogy. This novel inspired many in our group to put together a themed pot luck lunch. Did you know that a new Grisha novel “ Six of Crows” will be out this year?

Our second novel was “ All the light we cannot see” by Anthony Doerr. Ten books & bagels students accompanied Mrs Anderson and Mrs Pack on the France 2015 trip in April. All 36 students who went on this trip also read this novel.  We were thrilled when Anthony Doerr messaged us on Facebook to have a good trip, and upon our return, hearing that he was the 2015 Pulitzer prize winner for fiction.  For our final selection our Grade 10’s & 11’s read the novel “Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, while the Grade 12’s read “ Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. We are hoping to end the year with a book to movie themed party in the Learning Commons. Don’t forget that you can sign out  books to read over the summer from the Learning Commons.

linked to authors webpage

linked to authors webpage

I messaged "Anthony Doerr"  on Facebook:

I am a librarian in Alberta, Canada. This summer I read your novel and knew it would be the perfect novel for our students to read. We are taking 42 students to France this coming April on a Canadian War history tour. What I am hoping is that in reading your novel beforehand the students will see that there are always two sides to war. Today I will be handing out 32 copies to my Library book club. Over 60 students in our school will be reading "All the Light we cannot see". Thank you for such a great story.

Dear Edwina, 
What a lovely note to receive! I'm flattered and grateful (and jealous of your trip). 

I hope you have a lovely time next April, and thanks very much for sharing my work.

All my best,
Anthony Doerr

Books & Bagels Club at the Shakespeare and Company store in Paris!

Books & Bagels Club at the Shakespeare and Company store in Paris!