School Council

School Council

  • Chair - Jennifer Nesbitt

  • Vice Chairperson - Janine Bakker

  • Secretary - Cindy Collins

  • Teacher Representative(s) - Heidi Johnson

  • Directors (Optional)

  • Community Member - TBD

  • Student - TBD


School Council is made up of parents, a community representative, staff representative(s), and school administration representative(s). Council meets once a month.  Agenda items customarily include:  Principal's report, Board of Education Report, School Resource Officer Report and any other business items deemed of interest.  At the beginning of each school year, Council members have the opportunity to request items of interest to be discussed or focused upon during the upcoming school year.


School/Parent Council Meetings

Tentative Dates 

January 16th at 7pm - Virtual

March 19th at 6:30 or 7  p.m. - Lacombe Schools Joint Meeting/Presentation

Executive to Determine dates for 2 meetings after March 

Possibly Early May

Possibly Mid June

Click here for:  School Council Meeting Minutes