Work Experience


Contact Mrs.Zelmer to sign up for Work Experience


text: 587-679-5033

Work Experience


Students who want to earn credits for their jobs/apprenticeships can sign up for Work Experience or RAP by contacting Mrs. Zelmer.  

Sign up must be done BEFORE hours worked can be counted for credits. 

To sign up contact Mrs. Zelmer:

  • email:

  • text/phone: 587.679.5033


Want to sign up for Work Experience? Here is what you need:

  1. Complete the Off Campus Contract (for you, your parent/guardian and your employer)
  2. Complete the Learning plan
  3. Read Safety is an attitude  
  4. Email all completed forms to Mrs.Zelmer at


Calendars & Evaluations
*every month, you need to record your hours on this calendar and have a supervisor evaluate you using this evaluation sheet*

Students who register in Work Experience are interested in gaining high school credits while learning valuable, practical job skills. One of the goals of this program, aside from a student learning how to cooperate in a team/work site environment, is to obtain a valuable job reference. They work at their job site and learn the kinds of skills and abilities that employers are looking for in an employee. This is done by being punctual, reliable, motivated, enthusiastic and enterprising. A good employee can be hard to find - a work experience student who begins in a learning environment can turn their placement into a valuable learning experience.

For every 25 hours of work, a student earns one high school credit. A maximum of 15 credits can be earned and used towards receiving a high school diploma.

A pre-requisite module called Workplace Safety Systems (HCS 3000) is required by all students entering the Work Experience Program. The module focuses on Job Preparation. This module is worth ONE credit and must be completed before any work experience hours can be counted.

The student can begin work experience when:

  1. HCS 3000 module is completed
  2. A training plan is in place so the student knows the expectations on the job.
  3. A contract is signed by each of the four parties (Student, Employer, Parent & Work Experience Coordinator)
  4. A site inspection is completed by Mrs. Wyse