​Diploma Exam Schedule for 2017-2018

Watch the school news and announcements for dates to register for diploma exams through MyPass.

Diploma exams must be written on the scheduled dates.


Grade 12 students who have not registered need to get an access pin from an administrator or from the Career Centre. 

Register for your Diploma Exams

  • open your myPass account

  • use the Diploma Exam menu

  • select your language choice for the exam

  • select the appropriate writing session

  • select your exam(s)

  • save your request (your are not registered yet)

  • check out (now your are registered)

  • confirm you have registered for the proper exam(s)

  • Need assistance, see an administrator or get assistance from the Career Centre. 


Diploma Information for Students, Parents and Guardians

Alberta Education has recently mandated that parents and guardians of student who are participating in an Alberta Diploma mandated course be made aware of certain data collection. During the administration of Diploma Exams, Alberta Education collects personal information, including student legal name, Alberta Student Number (ASN), and student responses.  This notification is required to comply with the expectation found within the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (RSA 2000, C. F-25).

General Diploma Exam Information:  Alberta Education, About the Diplomas


Inclement Weather

  • If Wolf Creek schools are closed because of poor weather conditions (temperature and/or wind chill, freezing rain, fog etc) LCHS remains open as a writing center for diploma exams. 
  • Students do not automatically receive an Inclement Weather exemption. Students need to apply for an exemption and provide supporting documentation as to why they could not be present to write the exam.
  • The application requires the signature of the school principal or designate. 
  • If you have any questions regarding an Inclement Weather Exemption, please call the school 403-782-6615

 Acute Illness 

Requires a Physician Confirmation Form be completed by a doctor and submitted with the exemption application. 

For clarification on any exemptions, please contact the office:  403-782-6615.