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Welcome to École Secondaire Lacombe Composite High School


Principal: Valerie Yaremchuk
Assistant Principal: Kevin Frank
Assistant Principal: Chris Oram
Assistant Principal: Riley Quance


At LCHS we are committed to each sudent by providing quality learning experiences which develop excellence, reponsibility, respect and a desire for lifelong learning. 


We Believe In:

  • The worth and dignity of each indvidual.
  • The value of individuals for their unique traits, talents, and interests.
  • A safe environment that fosters mental, physical, and emotional growth, while encouraging responsibility, respect and understanding.
  • Encouaging individuals to strive for excellence by being the best that they can be.
  • Open communication that will promote the spirit of collaboration and co-operation.
  • Sharing the responsibility for education with the community.
  • Being positive role models for each other.
  • Lifelong learning. 

Education Plan

LCHS ACE PLAN:  2023 - 2024

About Us

École Secondaire Lacombe Composite High School is a Grade 10-12 school of approximately 950 students whom we attempt to challenge in terms of academic learning and through a variety of extracurricular opportunities such as sports, in clubs, and through activities and events that encourage students to become involved in global, national and local issues. Our dedicated staff members are involved in a variety of professional development opportunities which allow us to continue to learn and grow in ways which enhance our students’ learning.

At our high school, students have a variety of academic choices – LCHS not only offers the basic required subject areas of Math, Science, English, Social Studies and Physical Education, but students can explore many of the trade areas through such courses as Mechanics, Fabrication (Welding), Construction, Cosmetology, Commercial and Domestic Foods, Design Studies, Media Studies, Fashion Studies, Financial Management and Vehicle Ownership.  As well, our Off Campus Program offers students an opportunity to further their studies by applying to participate in a Registered Apprenticeship Program, a Green Certificate Program and/or students can explore different careers through a Work Experience Site Placement Program. Those interested in the Fine Arts can specialize in Art, Drawing, Drama, Guitar, and Fiber Arts courses. Looking for specialty courses? We offer courses such as Humanities (a year-long course combining English and Social Studies), Electro-Technology, Sports Performance, Film and Media Art, and a Health & Wellness program that combines physical education, nutrition, mentorship and leadership. Additional programs such as Knowledge and Employability and L.A.W.S. are also available to support students. Knowledge and Employability is an Alberta Education recognized High School Certificate program, and L.A.W.S. is a Special Needs Program designed to aide students in reaching their full potential academically and socially as well as facilitating a smooth transition from high school to adulthood. Transitions is a program that provides a block of time to assist students who struggle with the time constraints of academic courses. The Enhanced Learning Program is an academic program for self-motivated students. Each student, while consulting with their teacher, creates a self-paced individual learning profile that outlines their plan for completing the course outcomes. The teacher in this program acts as guide or facilitator in the learning process. Second languages continue to be valuable skills in the marketplace of government, trade, services, travel, education, as a personal accomplishment and for enjoyment therefore we are proud of Spanish and French as a Second Language and French Immersion Programs.

At LCHS, we believe students should be provided an environment that fosters mental, physical and emotional growth while encouraging responsibility, respect and understanding. In pursuit of these goals, LCHS staff and community members have dedicated their personal time to coaching and supervising students in a number of sports such as football, track, volleyball, weight training, basketball, badminton, rugby, soccer, and more.  Students can also join Clubs such as the Book Club offered by the school librarians or the Yearbook Club, be a member of the Reach Team, sit on the RAMS Leadership Club full time or part time, become environmentally conscious and make a difference by joining the Eco-Vision Club, be a part of the GSA Club, participate in a variety of activities and events such as the Terry Fox Run, etc.. Special events like “Skills Canada”, where students compete in CTS areas and assemblies also round out LCHS students’ school experiences. Students, under the supervision of Youth Unlimited, can become involved in a number of humanitarian projects such as building houses in Mexico, providing assistance to those in need on the Vancouver streets, and fundraising towards building a school in Kenya. Academic and personal counseling are readily available to students. Our Career Center is one of a kind! Seeking information regarding legal issues? LCHS currently employs a School Resource Officer. At LCHS, we also welcome the involvement of parents/guardians through such venues as the School Council, volunteering to help with special activities and events, being a guest speaker, etc..

If you are looking for more information on our school, please feel free to email me at valerie.yaremchuk@wolfcreek.ab.ca  or call at 403-782-6615.

Valerie Yaremchuk


École Secondaire Lacombe Composite High School


Statement of Purpose

At LCHS we value a positive and responsive learning environment that optimizes student learning and success. LCHS is committed to providing an environment free from bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence. With the combined responsibility of all of the school’s stakeholders; school trustees, school staff, students, parents, and community partners, a safe, caring, respectful and inclusive learning environment is possible to achieve.

The School Code of Conduct is intended to establish and maintain an appropriate balance between individual and collective rights, freedoms, and responsibilities in the school community. Our purpose is to promote student learning, growth and understanding as well as ensure that students possess a strong connection to their schools as welcoming, caring, respectful and safe places focused on their individual success.

This School Code of Conduct will be reviewed annually and publicly available on the school’s website: LCHS Code of Conduct