Student Parking

Students require a parking permit to park in the LCHS lots during school days.

Students need to log in to their Wolf Creek Student account to complete the Parking Pass Application: 

Parking Lot Maps (East & West)

2023 - 2024 LCHS Parking Application  

All applications made up to and including September 8th (3:30 pm) will be given equal priority in assigning a parking location. Applications submitted after FRIDAY, September 8th (3:30 pm) will be considered after the original applications are reviewed. 

Students who have six or more courses in the school year can apply for a parking location in any parking lot. Students who have less than six courses will be provided a general parking pass that will not reserve an actual location but provide first come access to the gravel parking lot and/or a section of the west parking lot. 

Parking permits will be required from September 14th, 2023 to June 21, 2024.