Off Campus Programs

Off Campus Programs


  • Work Experience
  • RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program)
  • GREEN Certificate

WORK EXPERIENCE:      Earn up to 30 credits (10, 20, and/or 30 level). Students can earn credits through their job placement (volunteer or summer...including July & August)  This is a great career exploration opportunity! Up to 15 Work Experience credits can be counted towards those required for a High School Diploma.  Work Experience marks can also be included in a student’s average for some scholarships.  Before you can earn Work Experience credits you must complete:

A) All required paperwork, signed and returned 

B) HCS3000.  LCHS offers this course in our Foundations 10 Program and can be accessed using this link: HCS3000

RAP (Registered Apprenticeship ): Program   Earn up to 40 (10/20 and 30 level) credits     "Earn While You Learn" -- Students begin work as an Apprentice (paid job) in one of over 50 registered trades.  Students receive their Apprentice Record Book (Apprenticeship Blue Book) and begin to accumulate on-the-job training & work experience hours required to become a Journeyperson. More information can be found Trade Secrets

GREEN CERTIFICATE: Earn 16 (30 level) credits. Students earn a Production Technician Certificate through apprenticeship-style training on a farm/ranch offering one of 9 career-specific specializations (Dairy, Equine, Cow/Calf, Feedlot, Field Crops, Swine, Sheep, Beekeeping, Irrigated Crops). Students are required to submit a $200 deposit to enroll in this program (refunded upon successful completion). Students are able to register in September and we typically have students register in Grade 10. Students are asked to complete a minimum of one test per year. Check out more information here.

Pre-requisite for ALL Off Campus programs:  Workplace Safety Module (HCS 3000) All LCHS students are expected to successfully complete this module in grade 10.

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Calendars & Evaluations
*every month, you need to record your hours on this calendar and have a supervisor evaluate you using this evaluation sheet*

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Link for: Updated Resume Template #1

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Link for: Cover Letter Sample

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