No Cases of COVID-19

For more information on Wolf Creek Public Schools COVID-19 procedures and protocols visit:

Staff Directory (websites)


  • Mrs. Valerie Yaremchuk

Assistant Principals:


Student Supports:

  • Ms. Jeannie Miller
  • Ms. Jennifer Opdendries
  • Mrs. Steffanie Zelmer (Off Campus Coordinator and Career Counsellor)

Education Assistants:

  • Ms. Robyn Brown
  • Mrs. Jillayne Douglas
  • Ms. Joelle Glanville
  • Ms. Jodi Glaseman
  • Mrs. Jeanette Hippe
  • Mrs. Siobhan Irwin
  • Ms. Jessica Lovecchio
  • Mrs. Dorothy Plamondon
  • Ms. Monique Robitaille
  • Mrs. Deb Sutcliffe


Support Staff:

  • Mrs. Janice Andrew
  • Ms. Robyn Arnold
  • Mrs. Pat Dahl
  • Ms. Diane Hayduk
  • Mrs. Carrie Hubbard
  • Mr. Dave Irwin
  • Mrs. Linda Pack
  • Mrs. Shannon Skoreyko