Student Resources (Links to LCHS Resources/Website)

Posted on June 1 2023

Link to:  [Website/Resources]

Final Exam Schedule: June 2024

Posted on May 7 2024

Students should check the June 2024 final exam schedule for exam dates and times.  If students have conflicting exams: Diploma Exam must be written on the day scheduled. For other school exams, please…

LCHS Course Requests for 2024 - 2025

Posted on April 1 2024

Students who have not submitted their Course Request for the 2024-2025 school year need to meet with an LCHS Administrator.  Course Request Information is linked in our LCHS Student Resources (Registration:…

2024 - 2025 Busing Applications

Posted on March 20 2024

BUSING APPLICATONS FOR SEPTEMBER 2024 NOW AVAILABLE ALL Urban (town) busing students and Cross Boundary busing students must re-register every year.  Students who have moved and require busing service…


Lacombe and District FCSS

Posted on May 9 2023

Lacombe and District FCSS - Tools for School Program 2023-2024.  Lacombe FCSS Website: The following posters provide program information: Tools For School Information  FCSS Tools…

LCHS Course Handbook and Student Resources

Posted on April 1 2023

LCHS Course Handbook (Link to Website) - Registration Information Link- Quick References Link   Students new to Wolf Creek Public Schools (New Student Registration) LCHS Student Resources (Link to Website)…

Bell Schedules

Posted on January 10 2023

LCHS Bell schedules can be found in our Student Resource Website



Posted on June 15 2022

LCHS is incredibly proud that we are in the Top 10 shortlist for the World’s Best School Prize for Environmental Action! Thanks to the many organizations, businesses, community members, sponsors, volunteers,…

Let's Talk Requirements for High School Graduation

Posted on March 10 2022

The Career Counsellor, Mrs. Zelmer has made a presentation about the different requirements needed for the High School Diploma, the Trades, College, and University. Check it out:  Let's Talk Requirements…


Planning and Applying to Post Secondary Schools

Posted on October 5 2021

Our LCHS Career Counsellor, Mrs. Zelmer, has put together a video with talking points on career interests and early applications for post secondary institutions.  "Planning and Applying to Post Secondary…


School Gear

Posted on August 26 2020

LCHS has an online store for selling our SU gear (clothing, backpacks and more).The link to our store is:  LCHS Gear

EcoVision MicroBusiness

Posted on May 5 2020

LCHS Award Winning EcoVision continues to lead the way with real life learning for the students at LCHS.  EcoVision has opened a MicroBusiness selling their products:  Beeswax Wraps, Honey, Herbs, Seeds…

Scholarship Applications

Posted on March 12 2020

Sign up for important updates from Mrs. Pack. Get information for scholarships right on your phone. Use one of the following methods to get notifications: A. On your iPhone or Android phone open your…