"Our Last Hurrah"

As directed by Alberta Health and Wolf Creek head office, Grad 2020 cannot be an in-person event.  We are looking at plans for an alternative.

What are your plans after high school? Complete this survey and note this information will be shared with those attending the commencement/grad ceremony on November 7th. 

Please keep sending your photographs and slides for the Graduation presentation by following the instructions in the Grad Folder How To

To get updates by email or text message, for parents and grads, enter your contact information here..

This document is an archive of the important Remind announcements.



LCHS staff and the Grad committee are compiling two slideshows to use at our Graduation ceremony, whether that is online or in the fall.  

Grads, please follow the instructions in the Grad Folder How To and share some of your future goals and childhood photos.  These slides will be shown to all our guests at Grad.  Please make sure that everything that you add is school-appropriate!

  1. You can add to your slide - your name, a picture of you and what your future goal is. If you have any questions feel free to contact Ms. Hayduk by phone or email,

  2. Ms. Arnold is looking for photos for the yearbook grad pages. She is hoping that you might be able to provide her with a picture of what you would have worn to our Grad banquet in June. She promises not to share these photos - the yearbook does not come out till late 2020. If you have questions for her she can be reached by telephone or email,

  3. Destiny Gillespie is creating the “Lambs to RAMS” Powerpoint. Please put these pictures of you and your friends in the Young RAMS Photos. These could be baby pictures to field trips in Elementary to Mock Rock at the Jr. High, etc.. Again, if you have any questions you can contact Ms. Hayduk or Ms. Arnold.