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Time to Turn Our Dreams Into Reality - June 30, 2021

Schedule for Graduation Day:

11:45 - Grad Slideshow begins playing (the video is set as private and will publish at 11:45

12:00 - Livestream of the stage begins at  You do not need to have a Twitch account or the app to view the stream.

  • Graduates and their families should plan to be outside for at least 15 minutes; bring an umbrella/hat and water. The graduates will be moving quickly across the stage area, so guests with limited mobility should consider watching from across the ring-road or on the live stream. 
  • Arrive at the school 5-10 minutes before the time you signed up (you should have an email from google calendar)
  • Park in the student parking lot on the east side of the school, then check in with the staff who are waiting for you on the south leg of the Ring Road. 
  • Alberta is still in Phase 2 of Covid restrictions, and we ask all of our guests to respect social distancing expectations.
  • You may have your socially distanced “handshake” photo with Mrs. Y with or without your mask, but you will be expected to wear a mask when inside the building. 

5:00 - Grad speeches and evening program begins

If you have any questions tonight or tomorrow, the only way to reach me is with a text message to the Remind number.  I will not be checking my school email or voicemail - I’ll be busy moving around doing set up.  

Congratulations to all of you!  You’ve found success at the end of a challenging year.  I wish you all the best.

Mrs. Gillard and the LCHS Grad team.



This is the Classroom presentation that most Grade 12 students saw on June 14/15 in class (physical or virtual).




Sign Up for Your Grad Time

To help us to space the graduates through the afternoon, please choose a time slot for your moment of recognition.  We suggest planning this out along with your friends so that your times are close together.  Up to 9 graduates may choose the same time slot.

  • Sign up for your graduation time slot at  You will need to use your address for this.
    • Click on the link that says “next available date is on June 30”, then change the calendar to show only that day (top right corner).  
    • Click on your chosen time, enter your name (First and last!), and click “save”.  You’ll get an email confirming your grad time.
  • Video instructions are here if you wish

Grad Slideshow


At Grad, we always have a slideshow with a personalized slide for each graduate.  Our slideshow is complete and in the hands of the Media 20 class to be polished and published.  Thanks to everyone who contributed.


This is last year's slideshow, if you want inspiration: LCHS Class of 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is our grad happening this way?  

We're working around the limits that were presented by Wolf Creek's superintendent, who in turn is following the restrictions from Alberta Education and Alberta Health.  Our grad must be on school grounds, but outside the school building, and during the scheduled school day (and no, we can't use the football field, it doesn't belong to our school, it's just near us).  The recent move to Stage 2 by Alberta Health has not changed these restrictions.

The students who were on the grad committee told us that the most important things to them were to 1) cross the stage and get a moment to remember and 2) to have their families there to see it.  This plan will allow that to happen, and your family will be able to be much closer to you than they would be if we had grad in a stadium!

What does my Grad fee pay for?

This year we have set the Grad fee at $40 (in a non-Covid year, it's $100!).  This fee will cover the cost of 

  • The Certificate you receive from LCHS 
  • The Grad cap & tassel
  • "Handshake" photo with Mrs. Yaremchuk
  • The grad program
  • LCHS Grad mask
  • Wear & tear on Grad gowns (we replace these every 15-20 years, and spread the cost across all grad classes)
  • Costs of audio and video production for the online portion of grad

Grad Gowns

Grads can pick up their cap and gown from the Learning Commons on June 23 and 24.  The cap is yours to keep, and you will return the gown after you cross the stage on June 30.

If you need to borrow a gown earlier than this for family photos, please contact the LCHS office.

"Handshake" Photos

Each grad will get a photo with Mrs. Y, taken on Grad day.  Lifetouch will mail your photo to the address that they have on file.  If you didn't get your original photo with Lifetouch, or if your address has changed, please contact them at


Lawn Flags

two dark green lawn flags.  Text on the flag is "Class of 2021 Congrats Grad"

The grad committee have come up with a great keepsake to celebrate your accomplishments and hold onto in the future. If you missed the pick up date, please contact to make arrangements to get your flag!

Grad Hoodies


The first order of grad hoodies have arrived and can be picked up at the LCHS office. Please know the name of the person who PAID for your hoodie, as it is their name on the bag.

The second and final round of orders has closed, and should be delivered by mid-June.

Grad Rings

Grad 2021 Rings can be ordered online from Jostens.  They have a promo code right now for a $60 discount, using the code ONLINE60CAD at checkout.




Grad Committee

Thank you so much to all the people who helped to build a vision for Grad!